Hi, I'm Julie otherwise known as The Life Cycle Lady! I am a life cycle and hormonal health coach. I help girls, teens and women feel powerfully connected and hormonally healthy in their bodies in stages of life that often do the opposite!

I draw on my experience as a midwife, a mama and a woman to create powerful in person workshops, one on one healing work and online programs that empower YOU with natural tools to get you feeling emotionally, physically and hormonally healthy.


Do you want to create a more POSITIVE relationship with your menstrual cycle?

Did you know that the menstrual cycle is your 6th vital sign? It is a major predictor for your overall health and vitality for your LIFE!

Do you know that your flow (texture, color, consistency) is actually “communicating” with you each month about how balanced or out of wack your hormones are?

The best relationships are built on a foundation of knowledge and communication! This FREE webinar start you on the path of knowledge to building a more positive relationship!

Life Cycle Lady Podcast!

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