Julie Hughes-

Life Cycle Lady

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I am a woman who finds great joy in supporting other women to live a life of connection, health and wellness.  This has been my life's passion, joy and work.  Over the decades I have found myself working with women of all ages and stages, 100's of 1,000's of hours spent being with women.

What I do:

Through education, guidance and specific mind, body, and spirit tools I help young girls, teens and women powerfully navigate different seasons in their lives.  I work with the four pillars of nutrition (gut health, blood sugar balancing), exercise, mindset and stress reduction I use a combination of live educating and connecting workshops, one-on-one sessions, and online transformational courses.  The work draws on my expertise in hormones and the female body, as well as herbs and mindfulness techniques. 

My gifts:

I believe we are all on this Earth walking around with special gifts. I have been told that one of my gifts is allowing women to feel heard, witnessed and powerful.  I bring it out with my questioning, mirroring and compassionately blunt way of speaking.  I have an amazing blend of mind, body and spirit that is incorporated into all of the education and healing work that I do.  This serves you well in our relationship!  I am an amazing bull s*it reader; I can see so clearly through the stories that we tell about ourselves, that keep us from our connection....with myself, as well as others.  I find humor in it and don't take it to seriously.  I am able to truly see people; those I work with feel that and it allows for trust to occur and our work to go deep quickly.   I am incredibly intuitive, raw and real always real.

I use all of my gifts to help you!  

My Other Hat's

I am a mama of 4.  I have also been  a mentor for teens, worked with girls empowerment programs, a guide for women through all of  life's changes, a transformational coach for women and a midwife for over a decade

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