Self-Care Challenge 2017

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I have been on the path of culminating greater self-care and self-love into my life for a long time now.  It has taken me time to integrate into my heart what I have known in my head and then to take action on that knowing.  The win in my story is that I eventually found my way here!  To the place where I can be a witness to the excuses of all the other things that I need to be doing, items to check off the to do list, and all the other things that prevent me from showing up for myself.

I have noticed that I am not alone on this journey.  Everywhere I look these days women around me are talking about, writing about and proclaiming their allegiance to self-care and self-love.  That is fabulous ladies!  

I personally have noticed that there are season in life where it is much easier to take care of yourself, to love on yourself or even find love for yourself.  Most of the seasons that make it easier to engage with self-care are those when we are actually feeling good.  It is much harder in the winters of our lives to activate this muscle.  We retreat into our ineffective coping mechanisms that can keep us in our winters longer sometimes than needed.  This literal winter has been a hard one, as winters often are on my self-care.  I often feel stuck in the winter season, being inside so much with littles in tow and less light.  The winter naturally asks us to slow down but I can take that on to much and hibernate.  About this point in the winter season, the half way mark I begin to feel it in my body and soul.  As I was going to work today I heard my inner guide tell me to go for a walk.  I of course promptly scolded myself that I had far to many things on my to do list.  My guide has been getting stronger with all my self-love work and it spoke back with a gentle and firm reminder that work would be swifter, more inspired and at ease if I would simply take some time for myself and get moving!  I heeded this inner call and out of this came a large ah ha moment.  I need you all!  I need to you to witness my self-care and I think you may need me/us too.

 Recently a friend and I committed to texting each other every night after we did our core healing exercises.  I have been trying to do these exercises for a year since my babies birth and because they are physically and emotionally really hard for me I have found so many excuses.  Knowing that my friend was waiting for a text made me do them each and every day, accountability.  At first because I knew someone was on the receiving end of the text and that we were doing it together, and then it just became part of my evening ritual.  So what if we all joined together this year and bore witness to each others self-care?  The self-care/self-love 2017 challenge!!!  If you want to show up with me come visit my Facebook page and share your daily self-care, sacred moment; or share it on your page with the #selfcarechallenge2017

UPDATE-  Due to overwhelming response from my #selfcarechallenge I have created the 7 Day Self-Care Challenge for you dear readers!  Click below to check it out!